Thursday, 27 June 2013

Greek Yogurt, food of gods!

I have been praising the wonders of real greek yogurt for a while, cause it really is amazingly good!

While living in London, a good friend from Greece suggested me one day to buy this particular brand of authentic greek yogurt (Total brand from Fage) and since then no other brand can compete.
 Well, the greek yogurt is dense and thick because is strained , therefore the result is creamier.
Bear in mind that not all yogurts branded as greek are the real deal. Check labels and ingredients!
I have seen many brands with the claim of "greek style" yogurt and the protein and sugar percentage is far from what you would expect from the original.

So, let me tell you why this yogurt is the winner of all winners and only worth every penny: Protein, protein and protein !

* Super High in protein and very low in carbohidrates. And the casein, which is the protein of the milk, makes you feel full for longer so the satiety effect is amazing. 8-10g protein per 100g
* Super low in fat if you buy it 0-2% fat. Otherwise classic one it´s got  5% fat.
* Low in sugars (that is if you don´t add any).
* Super rich in calcium , same as 100ml of milk.

If you compare it to a normal fat free yogurt: Protein content is half a Greek one and sugars also higher.

Light and filling dinner option because casein is the best overnight protein as it takes time to digest. So you won´t wake up hungry.
Excellent for post work out and muscle recovery. Instead of those shakes get a good greek yogurt to build up muscle and help you trimming down.
The Best cream substitute: For cooking sweet savory meals or best as whipped cream for dessert with fruit.

If you have folllowed Tuppertogo on Instagram, you can see that I have played a little bit with it lately : Dipping strawberries in Greek yogurt and freezing them.  Delicious ice cream lollies for children and adults!

Now it only leaves me to say : Hronia kai hronia! (Joroña que Joroña! for the Spanish ;-)

This woman of the Danone advert popularised this expresion,which hardly anyone understood, which by the way , I asked to my friend and it means "For years and years"

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Go Coco Loco ! Coconut Water all the way.

One of the purposes of Nutritional Coaching is inspiring the client(coachee) to find his/her own reason to change for good.
And when it comes to changing certain eating patterns that have been burnt into the memory for years, is important to think outside the box and brainstorm ideas, as crazy as they might sound. This is the essence of being adventurous with food as well,  discovering alternative ingredients and foods that will allow us to adjust our eating habits, not being afraid to try other things. As much as I could criticise the globalization of the food industry, one thing I love is the possibility of experiencing typical foods from the other side of the planet.
Every cloud has his silver lining.

And all this introduction for what? Well, in a nutshell, healthy lifestyle means also exercising with regularity, and drinking enough liquid to replenish all lost fluids is part of this deal.  This is especially true after extraneous exercise that can leave us dripping sweat.

There are many excellent options out there to help us recover lost minerals, bananas being one of them (Our Roland Garros champion knows it well ) and also the electrolyte drinks which contain a range of minerals and other ingredients, but something new has arrived from Latin American countries, the coconut water!

It is a question of preferences and digestibility as well:

Bananas: It contains all you need> very high in Potassium,magnesium and fast absorbing sugars , The downside is that it might feel a bit heavy on the stomach and for some people difficult to digest. It is not a juicy fruit so it's important to drink enough water.

Sports drinks with all needed electrolytes,high in sodium,  although it also contains artificial sweeteners, colors, sugars, etc. I personally find them difficult to drink cause I have never liked any of the flavours.

Coconut water: I discover it years ago thanks to VitaCoco (the biggest American brand now going global), and when I tried it I loved it. Delicate natural flavour and I have been craving lately the pure coconut water, especially after the sweat-dripping HIIT workouts in very humid conditions.
Let me tell you things about Coconut water (not to be mistaken for Coconut milk!)

Where does it come from? From the inside of the young green coconuts.Typically drank in Cuba, Brazil, Colombia with a straw.

What does it contain? very high in potassium and magnesium, low in sugar, low in sodium compared to other sports drinks.

Why is it good? For these characteristics it has been marketed as the alternative sports drink for those who really need it (long distance runners, outdoors training in summertime, athletes). Tennis players, performers, and dancers who train really hard for hours. Madonna, Rihanna, A.Rod, Anthony Kiedis from Red Hot Chilly Peppers are VitaCoco addicts(and clever investors too)


John Isner , who played the longest tennis match in history in Wimbledon (11 hours!) credits his endurance in that match to the coconut water mixed with sea salt. A powerful cocktail that gave him enough energy and minerals to prevent dehydration and muscle fatigue.Who knows!

If you don´t sweat like this...don´t bother with any special drinks.Water is all you need
I also reckon that the average person going to the gym for 1 hour session does not need any sports drink or coconut water at all. Good hydration and balanced diet will do. However, it is an excellent option for children and adults tempted to get a coke or any other sweet drink that doesn't help at all.

The pros are good as its mild nutty flavour encourages you to drink more after intense workout but it is still difficult and expensive to find in certain countries.. I hear Zico(CocaCola brand of Coconut water) has already landed in Spain (Barcelona) at a  small scale and Spanish megastore El Corte Inglés and certain superstores of the capital stock  them as well. Latinamerican immigration being high means more demand for this drink too! If you ever have the chance to try it , don't hesitate!

If I fancy a natural rehydration in my post workout recovery drink no other juice goes down better than coconut water.

 Tip: It's only worth trying it if it is 100% pure coconut water, without added sugars. Or go to Cuba or Brazil and get one straight from the tree :-P

Check my latest refreshing drink with coconut water on Instagram tuppertogo.