lunes, 8 de diciembre de 2014

Yummy dip for Beetroot lovers!

It has been a while since I started my own personal Instagram account where I like to post yummy and simple foods among other mundane things that catch my eye.
 Here is my super yummy beetroot dip!! experiment made in...10 minutes aprox:

Beetroot and tahini dip


1 big cooked beetroot
3tablespoons of tahini
1/2 lemon juice
pinch of salt

All in a blender and finish with parsley herb .
Nachos are Mexican tortillas simply toasted until crunchy and hard. Not fried!

Nutritional benefits of eating Beetroot? plenty!

  • Beets are super antioxidants! They get their beautiful pink-red color primarily from a unique antioxidant pigments called betalain (we are more used to seeing the orange carotenoids)
  • Beets are an excellent anti inflammatory!
  • Beets help detox the body from toxins!

The nachos are simply the plain fajitas heated in the pan until they get toasted and crunchy.

I personally love the simplicity of a picture of some finished recipe, as it really reflects the concept behind balanced diet. No fuss in the ingredients. I would never personally spend more than 30 minutes preparing my lunch or dinner and these pictures show you how a simple way of cooking is always delicious, affordable, fast and convenient.

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