jueves, 27 de junio de 2013

Greek Yogurt, food of gods!

I have been praising the wonders of real greek yogurt for a while, cause it really is amazingly good!

While living in London, a good friend from Greece suggested me one day to buy this particular brand of authentic greek yogurt (Total brand from Fage) and since then no other brand can compete.
 Well, the greek yogurt is dense and thick because is strained , therefore the result is creamier.
Bear in mind that not all yogurts branded as greek are the real deal. Check labels and ingredients!
I have seen many brands with the claim of "greek style" yogurt and the protein and sugar percentage is far from what you would expect from the original.

So, let me tell you why this yogurt is the winner of all winners and only worth every penny: Protein, protein and protein !

* Super High in protein and very low in carbohidrates. And the casein, which is the protein of the milk, makes you feel full for longer so the satiety effect is amazing. 8-10g protein per 100g
* Super low in fat if you buy it 0-2% fat. Otherwise classic one it´s got  5% fat.
* Low in sugars (that is if you don´t add any).
* Super rich in calcium , same as 100ml of milk.

If you compare it to a normal fat free yogurt: Protein content is half a Greek one and sugars also higher.

Light and filling dinner option because casein is the best overnight protein as it takes time to digest. So you won´t wake up hungry.
Excellent for post work out and muscle recovery. Instead of those shakes get a good greek yogurt to build up muscle and help you trimming down.
The Best cream substitute: For cooking sweet savory meals or best as whipped cream for dessert with fruit.

If you have folllowed Tuppertogo on Instagram, you can see that I have played a little bit with it lately : Dipping strawberries in Greek yogurt and freezing them.  Delicious ice cream lollies for children and adults!

Now it only leaves me to say : Hronia kai hronia! (Joroña que Joroña! for the Spanish ;-)

This woman of the Danone advert popularised this expresion,which hardly anyone understood, which by the way , I asked to my friend and it means "For years and years"

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