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Good Organic Red Meat: Less is more!

I have to say that protein in the diet from animal source is still in my opinion really important. Despite the trend of protein of vegetable source like certain legumes or soya derivatives, the good meat contains so much that I hardly see myself not consuming it for weeks, especially if you are working out for a leaner and harder body, because it is easier to lose weight due to the benefits of very little body water retention (as opposed to carbohydrates) and no sugar peaks.The key is: Quality and Moderation

What are the benefits associated with a moderate consumption of good red meat 1-2 week?:

- For Amino acids: It is very rich in all the essential ones our body needs as opposed to other sources.
- For Beneficial fatty acids: healthy and rich fatty acids due to cattle fed with grass instead of manufactured animal feed.
- For Satiety : Animal Protein still the best macro nutrient that keeps you full for longer and doesn´t affect insulin levels.
- For Vitamin B6 and B12: Essential vitamins are found in meat for red blood cell production.
- For Iron: excellent source of heme iron which is better absorbed than non-heme iron from plants
- Zinc: For your immune system and nerve function.Supports reproduction
- Chromium: It controls  those sugar cravings
- Co enzyme Q10: To help energy release and well functioning of main muscles (heart included!)
- Free from toxins: Meat is a massive business and to ensure you are not eating steak with a touch of growth hormone injected in the animal to increase muscle and other toxins it is very important to buy it Organic.

As you see, it is all about the quality, not the quantity. Unfortunately meat industries are not doing us a favor for our health and all we tend to get is insipid, flabby, carcinogenic patties and drumsticks with zero nutritional value. It is irresponsible of the food industry the brutality I have seen myself in slaughterhouses so all I say is try to :

BUY LOCAL instead of buying it from the other side of the planet
FREE RANGE instead of Caged
GRASS-FED instead of Grain(Corn) Feed
These are all Organic labels from the different countries

Organic food Labels from all over the world , as you can see above, ensure us that what we buy is legally certified and controlled by the country that issues it.

There are many different labels of Quality Schemes for foods that ensure very good standards, like this one that applies to all European Union Countries. 
Spanish label: Protected designation of origin

Organic meat is not cheap, but red meat should not be eaten as regularly so instead of buying crappy meat from the Value brand get the tasty healthy meat and eat less. Less is more!

The best sources of meat protein are always the less modified ones, so I think I don´t need to go too deep into why sausages, processed meats (any) and other creations of the food industry are a big NO!
This is the best way to illustrate it: Bones, Cartilages... yummy pork luncheon meat with a happy face for kids...The wonders of mechanically reformed meat.

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