Thursday, 5 September 2013

The Lunchbox is back/ Vuelta al tupper!

September, back to work , back to school! And back to the tupperware! Don´t panic !

Did you learn the lesson? Colours!! The American Association of Dietetics launched a beautiful campaign in 2011  to visually illustrate what we all mean when we say :Color your plate! , Color your Tupperware too!

And have a second read (or maybe first) to the post about Colourful meals: Do you see the rainbow?

Do you need inspiration for lunch or snacks? Here are some creative colorful tupperware.

You can always check my Instagram Tuppertogo ideas  to inspire you with the essentials of always healthy ,quick and  never boring meals:

It is the last quarter of the year, don´t delay your year resolutions , you can still make it happen!!! Healthy lifestyle is around the corner.

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