domingo, 20 de octubre de 2013

Change Season, Change to a Healthy Winter Diet

We are already in mid October approaching fast the month of November. It is almost impossible to not feel a little bit nostalgic at this moment of the year of the summer time. Those long days with plenty of daylight till night time. 

There are tips in our diet that we can start introducing as the cold season makes its entrance. 

Instead of... hot chocolate --->Spiced tea! with cinnamon sprinkle and milk of your choice (cow,coconut,soya, almond,rice...). Spicy teas contain wonderful spices and nutrients like  ginger, cloves, pepper, cinnamon...that not only stimulate digestion but also improve poor blood circulation, wakes you up and keeps your sweet cravings in line.

Instead of... heavy casseroles and currys---> Chicken soup! It is really one of the best natural remedies to boost your immune system while you are recovering from a cold or feel a bit weak. A home made chicken soup contains plenty of aminoacids, vitamins and minerals from the chicken. Many studies confirm that if you suffering from flu better a soup on time than tons of aspirins.

Instead of ... cold cereals---> Hot cereals! Warm muesli or cooked oats with honey and fruit are not only delicious but super comforting in a cold early morning. Oats are good for your heart with its cholesterol lowering effect and it also balances insulin.

Instead of.. potato salads in mayonnaise--->  Hotpot! of baby potatoes and vegetables garnished with spices,mustard, soy sauce, fresh ginger, olive oil...

Instead all the time---> Herbal tea with lemon will not only top up your fluid intake but it will also strenghen your inmune system. 

It´s not about not trying that hot chocolate or curry ever again. The rule is: If you eat healthily 95% of the time, then you are on the right path!

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