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Curiosities about food with this MiniQuiz !

It´s September. Back to School, let´s learn something today!

So, here it comes, without further ado I introduce you to the fascinating world of misconceptions, truths, lies and myths about food.

Test your brain! And as the book says: Whatever you think, think the opposite (Paul Arden)

1.Vitamin D is a very important fat soluble vitamin essential for bones and immune system, which of these foods is the biggest source of vitamin D, per serving?

A) a glass of milk
B) 75g of salmon fillet
C) Handful of mushrooms,  sun exposed.

2.What is not considered a berry?

A) Strawberries
B) Bananas
C) Blueberries

3. Which foods gives you the highest glycemic index? (Glycemic index offers information about how foods affect blood sugar and insulin)
A) Ice cream
B) White bread
C) Spaghetti


Answer:1. Handful of mushrooms : Sounds crazy, right? Well it was discovered by a mycologist that mushrooms have the incredible property of producing vit.D2 (precursor of vitD3) to enormous doses when they were simply exposed to the sun for some hours. So either exposing them to the sunlight or sun dried mushrooms will give you a very good dose.
The second biggest source is salmon fillet and the third a glass of milk (fortified)

Want to know more? Increasing VitD levels on mushrooms: http://www.fungi.com/blog/items/place-mushrooms-in-sunlight-to-get-your-vitamin-d.html

Answer: 2. Strawberry! Sounds crazy. but the botanical definition of a berry is is a simple fruit having seeds and pulp produced from a single ovary. Strawberries originate from other external tissue, They are enlarged ends of the plant's stamen. It is the small black spots which are actually the fruit!
And  , yes Bananas are actually berries, for the botanical definition itself. Blueberries are also berries.

Want to know more? Strawberry flowerhttp://www.backyardnature.net/fl_straw.htm 

Answer 3.  White bread. Yes, the traditional white baguette you consume has got an index of 95. Second on the list is Spaghetti and  Ice cream the lowest of all with 57. Fat content of ice cream considerably reduces the glycemic load. 

 Want to know more?Glycemic index chart: http://www.health.harvard.edu/newsweek/Glycemic_index_and_glycemic_load_for_100_foods.htm


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