viernes, 4 de septiembre de 2015

Agar Jelly vs. Gelatin Jelly

  Who loves jelly? I do! kids do and the elderly too (no need to chew).
Going to a Chinese supermarket is always fascinating , especially for the cheap prices I pay for products that are considered posh, vegan-friendly or gourmet anywhere else.

So I came back with an old friend I discovered years ago in Chinatown, in London. The agar-agar strips!

 Agar-Agar is a polysaccharide  obtained from a particular algae. It has been traditionally used in Asia in Japanese desserts, like jellies and puddings.
 But also used in the laboratory to make agar plates (in the famous Petri dish) to culture bacterias:

The best part: Agar is basically fiber that absorbs a lot of water, so it is excellent for intestinal motility and if you need to reduce appetite too as it bulks up in your stomach.


It´s a question of preferences,nutritional interest for our diets, availability and cooking methods. Leaving aside controversies regarding gelatine extraction ... and vegetarianism option, of course.

Looking for more Protein? Gelatine is the option
Looking for more fiber and satiety? Agar-agar

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