lunes, 3 de abril de 2017

Mood Food

Are you in a good mood? Maybe is the food

The food you eat can (and will) be partially responsible of your mood swings, whether if they are positive or negative. This is why the latest trend is to classify the foods according to the effect they have on our mood.

Back in 2002 a study carried out by the mental health charity Mind called Food and Mood Project confirmed that the participants correlated their food choices with their emotional stability (depression, anxiety, panic attacks). In short, the brief study supported two direct outcomings from two different groups of foods:

Stressor foods--> sugar, caffeine, alcohol, chocolate
Supporter foods--> water, vegetables, fruit, oil-rich fish

It was obviously a very subjetive study but it was the starting point.

Preventing depression through food

It is what the very promising pan-European trial called MooDFOOD is researching. 9 countries and 13 organizations are behind this study that will compare different nutritional habits that might change mood in people who are overweight.

Nutrition as a preventive strategy for depression could have ‘huge implications’ for future health policy. Which means that changing eating habits will reduce not only the chances of depression but also the presciption of antidepressants.
But again, this is not Lalaland, and only some doctors will challenge the Pharma industry and will consider the option of reviewing the eating habits instead of prescribing Prozac.

Best Foods to change your mood

Walnuts: full of omega 3, (ALA fatty acid)    -->  Helps neurotransmitters well functioning. 

Banana: full of tryptophan(amino acid) that boosts serotonine levels aka and increases your energy levels without overstimulating the nerve system.

Salmon: Trout and Sardines.Omega 3, again! 

Whole grains, cereals---> A study showed that following a very low carbohydrate diet is worse for your mood than a low fat one. No carbs reduces Serotonine levels. A source of unrefined carbohydrates with fiber and micronutrients(vitamins, minerals) prevents the mood swings.

Greek yoghurt and low fat milk: Rich in protein and vitamin D, to boost the mood too.

Greens: Folates in collards and leafy greens will support the increase of serotonin levels regulating the mood.

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