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The World is becoming more and more Intolerant

WE ARE TALKING ABOUT FOOD INTOLERANCE (not getting into the other ones)

All types allergies and food intolerances are getting spread like a pandemic disease. From the most popular ones: gluten and lactose to the rarest ones:  meat, sesame .

And we become intolerant/allergic because there is an inmune reaction to that food protein that the body identifies as dangerous. The guard is up for as long as the food is present in the body.

But, what are the most and less popular ones?

These are the eight foods that should be identified by law on the food label, they are the most common allergies:

These foods or any ingredient that contains a protein from those are potential allergens: For example:
milk , and  whey (contain the casein- milk protein)  


Meat: It is caused by a sugar found in it (alpha-galactose). Most people allergic to meat-beef specially- are also allergic to milk.

Sesame seed: It is also a very rare allergy, it is caused by a specific protein. Only 0.1%

Avocado: It is linked to Latex allergy, because avocados have proteins very similar to the natural rubber found in latex. Papaya, Banana and Kiwi have also a similar protein therefore if there is allergy to avocado it is very possible to have a reaction to those fruits too.

Gummy Bears: All those soft jelly like sweets like marshmallows contain gelatin, the animal protein. Allergy to this protein is linked to allergy to flu vaccine too.

Corn: Uncommon but causes a very strong reaction like seeds.

Mango: Like Avocado, the protein is similar to natural rubber in latex and it causes the allergic reaction.

Sulphites, preservatives that prevent oxidation: It is a preservative found in Dried Fruits, Wine, canned vegetables...

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