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Dieta personalizada online y coaching nutricional // Personalized Diet and Coaching Online and at Home!


Cuando quieres un cambio... pero necesitas ayuda.

Soy dietista especializada en las emociones vinculadas a comer y aplico coaching nutricional para reeducar en este proceso.

¿Estás teniendo dificultades en tu proceso de pérdida de peso? 
¿Estás cansada de dietas que venden píldoras y suplementos?
¿Quieres alimentarme acorde a tus principios éticos o religiosos(veganismo,etc)?
¿Se acerca la menopausia?

Puedes ver más sobre mi en mi web: NUTRIC Nutrition and Coaching  



When you want a change... but need some help

I am a professional dietitian specialized in emotional eating and Nutritional coaching for reeducation as part of the regular consultations.
I am available for English speaking clients living in Spain who feel more comfortable with their native or more frequently used language than Spanish.

  • Do you feel that since you moved to Spain your diet has changed for worse?
  • Are you lost planning healthy meals?
  • Do you want to get back in shape?
  • Are you overeating or undereating?
  • Do you need regular control of your diet?

Moving to a new country is challenging and adapting to foods is too. These and many other situations could be happening to you around your dietetic needs. Spain is warm and sunny and soon summer will be here, and it will not wait for you to be in shape ;)

I am doing the consultations online and offline too, in the comfort of your house/office. 

You can get in touch with me on . Soon I will have the English version too. In the meantime here is the Spanish website:

NUTRIC Nutrition and Coaching

Maria Ibanez NutriC

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