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Fast Food is Healthy

With that title, I am sure that I have grabbed your attention. Right now you want to either shred me into pieces for the profanity as a nutrition expert or elevate me to the gods shrine cause I´m giving you candy....But keep reading.

During many, many years, from the start of all the famous American chains now called fast foods, the conception has been clear: eating in any of those places surely is not healthy. In fact you better avoid that food or you will increase your heart disease risk and obesity by 1000% .

Do you eat fast food? I do, and it is healthy

Fast Food literally means to me cooked and delivered fast. Right? I like playing with semantics ;)
The problem is that it has always been associated with unhealthy food.

30 minutes to cook something healthy is totally feasible. In fact I do it mostly everyday.
Do I cook for 2 hours everyday? no. but I enjoy it when I do it!

These tips are for everyone, no matter where in the world you live:

At Home:

- Kitchenware: First invest in a pressure cooker, and non-stick pans. It will save you oil and time.
Stock up with Seasonal vegetables, fruits, lean proteins and wholemeal grains. That´s all you need. The rest is unnecesary.

- Use fast techniques: pressure cooker saves you 45 minutes. Cook legumes and lentils in 20 minutes, and hotpots in 10! stirfry in pan takes 15 minutes max. Microwave from frozen or raw : loins of white fish get cooked in 2 minutes and they are even better than in the pan. Boil with the lid on: common sense to avoid losing heat.

-Play with options: Create your healthy plate. I have created this fun and simple way that you can try, It is based on some simple interchanging ingredients:

Outside Home:

There are new healthy fast food chains where you can choose all the healthy options.
But  be careful with Sauces (high in fat and salt) and side dishes (fried)
The only rule is this again: The healthy plate

Does you meal look like this? 

1/2 of what you eat should be greens/vegetables
1/4 should be carbohydrates such as the tortilla wrap, potatoes, rice, pasta, beans, couscous
1/4 should be protein like chicken, fish, egg, soya, beans
a spoonful of  fat should be all you need: avocado, olive oil, nuts, seeds, margarine

Check out the Healthy Plate :

The 3 questions about Fast and Healthy:
  1. Can you cook fast and healthy? YES! OF COURSE! 
  2. Do you want to cook fast and healthy? YES!OF COURSE!
  3. Do you want to eat fast and healthy? NO for fast ! and YES for Healthy!  You don´t want to eat fast, in fact the faster you eat the more calories you eat and the more difficult your digestion gets.

Moral of the story:   Buy healthy, Cook fast, Eat slow

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